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5 Must Haves for your Dorm

Posted by Mikayla Feldbauer on Dec 29, 2016 2:39:07 PM
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My first semester at Lycoming College has just come to a close, and I now realize that there are many objects in my dorm that have been very useful to me. While these aren't pure necessities, they definitely make dorm living better.

1. A lamp with a phone charger

Dorm room essentials Lycoming College

Looking for the best lamp for your desk at college? Just make sure that whichever one you buy has a built-in phone charger! The lamp I have for my desk has two spaces for chargers and some storage space. The charger ports are tremendously useful because the only other plugs near my desk are taken, below and behind the desk. The ports on my lamp allow me to charge my phone and have access to it while I work.

2. A pair of sliders/flip flops or slippers

Comfortable in Dorms Lycoming College

Sometimes you need to go to your friend's room or to the bathroom but you don't want to put on sneakers. However, you also don't want to walk down the hallway in your socks or bare feet. The solutions: sliders/flip flops or slippers! These provide an easy and convenient way to leave your dorm - which is a thing you should try to do at least every once in a while.

3. An ottoman

Dorm Room Storage

The beds in the dorm are high. And that's without adding risers - add those and they become quite lofty. For those of us who are vertically challenged, like me, this can be a bit of a problem. Therefore, having something that allows you to get into bed is a must. The ottoman is really great because it provides the bonus of having storage space.

4. Dry erase board 

Staying Organized in College

I have a small dry erase board that I use to study. It's great for writing down everything you know about a topic and then checking it to see how much was correct and how much more you need to study. But, I've found that having a dry erase calendar is also incredibly useful. If I didn't write things here and in my planner, I would never remember what I need to do. I even color-coordinate so that events from different aspects of my life, like tests versus club meetings, are in different colors. Plus, there is a little cork board on the side that is good for hanging fliers or notes.

5. Wireless mouse

Wireless Mouse Lycoming College

Let's face it, touch pads on laptops are kinda awful. Sometimes what you're working on just requires the use of a mouse. That's why a wireless mouse is great. It allows you to use a mouse to work on a PowerPoint or other projects, yet they're small and using one isn't a hassle. All that mine requires is one battery and a small USB receiver that plugs into the laptop, and is stored inside the battery compartment of the mouse when not in use. I've found my wireless mouse very useful this semester.

While it is certainly not mandatory to purchase any of these items, they have made dorm living a lot more manageable and comfortable for me over the past few months. I hope that you find this list helpful when deciding what to bring to college! If you're planning what to buy but don't know how much space you will have, come see for yourself - our campus tour includes a visit to Lycoming's freshman housing!

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