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A Busy Start to Freshman Year

Posted by Amanda Goulden on Oct 17, 2016 12:27:12 PM

My name is Amanda Goulden and I am a Freshman at Lycoming.  I have only been at school for a short time and I have already done so many amazing things.

Division III Athletics

I am on the women’s cross country team at Lycoming.  I had to be at school a week early to start practicing.  We had two practices a day that first week.  I have never run so much in my life!  In addition to running we had a few team bonding activities.  This helped me a lot because it was difficult being away from home for the first time and being on a new team.  The more the team did together, the more it helped me acclimate to my new life.  Now I have friends on the team and it is a lot of fun.  We practice every day at 4:30. We all meet outside of the athletic center and head out on our run from there.  I have learned so much about the city of Williamsport from running all over.  On Saturdays, we load onto a bus at 6:30 A.M. for our weekly races.  We travel to different venues each week.  The races are an awesome way to see the progress of all of my hard work as the season goes on.

The great thing about Lycoming sports is that we are a Division III school.  You can be an athlete and still participate in other activities.  In addition to running, I participate in theater and piano.  I have been playing the piano since age five, and I love the fact that I can continue my practice at Lycoming.  I have a new teacher so I am learning new things and I will be able to participate in recitals a few times a year.  There are piano practice rooms available so I can practice whenever I want. 

Lycoming College Theatre Production

I love theatre!  Lycoming has an awesome Theatre Department.  There are so many productions every year and you don’t have to be a theatre major or minor to participate.  I was very involved in theatre in high school and was worried I may not be able to participate in college.  I was wrong!  I have already auditioned for two productions and it is only October.  I will be participating in a production called William Shakespeare's: The Clone Army Attacketh Parody later in October.  I am having so much fun and have met so many new people. 

I am thinking of majoring in Digital Communications (DCOM).  I am taking a DCOM class now where we are currently learning how to use a DSLR camera.  I have taken so many interesting pictures around campus.  Next we are going to learn how to use video equipment and then video editing!

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