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Anxiety IS Valid

Posted by Hunter Swinehart on Nov 11, 2016 11:11:15 AM
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I recently read a blog post called Anxiety is an Invalid Excuse that I found to be incredibly insightful. This post addressed the stigma around mental illness and the different obstacles that those who have anxiety, and other mental disorder, face in day-to-day life. As someone who personally battles with the throes of anxiety, I was able to relate to much of what was said. That led me to write this post.

Students with anxiety receive great support from Lycoming's faculty and staff

Since starting college, I have learned that many college students begin to struggle with anxiety and/or depression throughout their college experience. This is unsurprising given the pressures of getting good grades, being involved, having a job, etc. When I first started here at Lyco, I had the same thoughts as those addressed in the article. There were many times when I sat and worried about how I was going to explain to my professors why I could make it to class; or to my friends why I had to cancel plans.

In my own experience I have found so much support here on campus. Between professors, counseling services, and other staff such as Dean Kilpatrick, I have been able to find ways to cope with my anxiety and remain a full-time student. I have never been one to talk about myself, and that is one thing that lead to my hesitance to talk to my professors about missing class. I've learned, though, that the professors at Lyco are there for you for more than academic achievement. On many occasions, my professors have told me that I can come to them if there is anything else that I need to talk about, even if not academically related.

While there are other factors that have lead to my ability to better control my anxiety, going to counseling services was a great start. I'm not going to say I'm perfect, that I'm cured, that I no longer have times of overwhelming anxiety that sometimes lead to panic attacks. But I can say that I'm better, I'm more in control. I can accept that I have anxiety, even if that sometimes means missing a class, or staying in instead of going out with friends. I can say these things because of the support at Lycoming College.

If anyone is dealing with any issues, even the slightest thing, that is causing stress, I would strongly encourage you to go to counseling services, or even talk with your professors about it. They are here to help US. They want us to achieve and be able to enjoy our time here at Lycoming.

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