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Nam Do

I grew up in Vietnam and graduated from Hanoi-Amsterdam high school. At Lycoming College, I am pursuing a baccalaureate in Marketing with a minor in Commercial Design. I am deeply involved with the Multicultural Awareness group, German club, and various sport activities such as ultimate Frisbee, baseball, intramural soccer and volleyball. I also gained diverse experience from working as a resident assistant, peer mentor/tutor, student assistant for the office of global education, and –as of now- for IT services. In supporting my cause of arts, culture, and education, I have coordinated and taken part in planning several events of various scales. In the Summer of 2016, I led the planning committee of a first-time regional folk dance competition in Vietnam. As the former Vice President of MAG, I played a crucial role in planning and implementing campus-wide cultural events such as International Dinner and International Expo, and also co-found the Traditional Game Fair. Most recently, I co-curated an art exhibition at Lycoming College’s campus gallery. I like using my free time to enjoy life, explore unfamiliar places, and gain novel experiences, and as a result, most of my paychecks go straight to travel expenses, and I remain broke. Photography, drawing, and reading manga are but a few of my other pastimes. Follow me on Instagram: carp.dee !
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Looking Back on Freshman Year at Lycoming

Posted by Nam Do on Nov 9, 2016 11:05:34 AM

There are many things that happen only once in a lifetime, freshman year being one of the many such occasions. This one year, in all likelihood, gives every green student a few good slaps in the face. Having gone through and reflected upon the experience, as well as been once an RA in the freshman area, I would like to share some "lessons" that I find most relevant. Now brace yourself!

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Topics: Freshman Year

The Misused "No Life," and Why We Should Take It More Seriously

Posted by Nam Do on Nov 4, 2016 11:05:34 AM

"Do you have no life at all?"

Fortunately, I have not heard that question in any part of my life. To be honest, such remarks would by no means offend me. In fact, I might sometimes joke with a friend on a Friday that I would have no life at all, claiming that while everyone would be out having fun that night, I would spend time in the lab doing some “work” before going to bed. However, there lies the dangerous misconception of overworking as the result of having no life, when, in fact, it could be the reason for socially withdrawn behaviors (which still do not equal “no life” anyways). After reflecting upon the insight, I feel urged to reject this incorrect notion of “no life” and prevent more people from inadvertently falling victim to it.

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Topics: Student Life

How a Business Major Ended Up Running an Art Exhibition

Posted by Nam Do on Nov 2, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Have you ever thought of having your own art exhibition during college? I have not. You may not plan to become an Art major. Well, neither do I. However, I recently found myself working with an Ecology major (yes, a science person!) on organizing a themed art exhibitionfor the campus gallery of Lycoming College. Believe me, the idea once seemed to us as absurd as it might have just sounded to you. We did a rather great job, regardless, and if you could bear with me for a few more scrolls (or swipes), I will tell you how amazing it was to organize our own art exhibition, and where you could find such amazing experiences. 

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Topics: Student Life, Liberal Arts Education

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