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Beginning Another Year

Posted by Ali Preston on Oct 20, 2016 2:30:36 PM
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After a turbulent, health issue filled summer, the school semester began with a three to four hour long drive from Maryland to Pennsylvania. I was ecstatic to return to campus and to get back to my history studies and research. I had spent most of the summer unable to walk due to damage to my feet. However, I was able to get a short internship at the Hammond-Harwood house in Annapolis. Now I was returning to campus to my friends and studies. For extra excitement, we would be living in a college apartment, able to make blanket forts and leave our cookware in the kitchen without the fear of pans going missing. We arrived to the campus sore, but excited.


Bonding with my Roommates


The first time I opened the double doors of the apartment, my feet were killing me, the sun was beating down on our backs, my car was weighed down with boxes, and the apartment was stuffy. A massive black coffee table and a long, blue couch barely filled the living room. A fake fireplace stuck out from the wall, a long hallway was filled with strange hideaways. The hall led to a large bedroom, a shower with only a wooden curtain for a door, and a small dining room with a full fridge and a large dining table. The kitchen was cramped but had enough cupboards and a stove that belonged just to us.  The apartment was everything I was hoping for and everything I knew we’d get. There was more room than we knew what to do with and a had cozy feel. Although empty except for the furniture provided, we had plenty of personality to fill the space.


I had dropped onto the couch to breathe for a moment, take in everything around me, and put my poor feet up for a second. There was so much space, so much potential, now all we needed was to get everything into the place. Not just what was currently in my car, which was unfortunately on the other side of campus, but everything from the storage container we had rented at the end of last year. Then we had to fill the kitchen with food and supplies. We were in for a long day and my roommate just landed at the airport and was getting a ride to campus.


A successful start to the semester 

We finished emptying my car as my roommate arrived. With her bags dumped in the living room along with all of the boxes from my car, we decided that eating and filling the kitchen were probably our next priorities. Between the three of us, we managed to stock the kitchen, unload all of the boxes from the storage container, and then start unpacking just enough for us to collapse on our beds and go to sleep.


The next morning brought more unpacking and testing out the kitchen for the first time. We have a long year ahead of us, but we are ready.



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