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Camping Out for HersheyPark

Posted by Jay Patel on Dec 28, 2016 12:28:46 PM

At 4:45am on a frigid Monday morning, my friends and I shiver as we wait to get our tickets to HersheyPark. With below-freezing temperatures and classes in four hours, I questioned how my friends dragged me into this. I figured either one of two things: either they're very convincing or I am very easily persuaded. Regardless of the temperature, there were thirty other people camping out. No one could stay warm in the 26-degree Fahrenheit weather as heard by their chattering teeth, but everyone had one goal in mind: get (free) tickets! As for me, my goal was to survive the morning and sleep in my warm, comfy bed after classes.

Eventually, 7am rolled by, the end of my torture, and I finally got my golden ticket. "Thank God!" I said to myself. Any longer and I may have solidified. Anyways, after getting my ticket, I regretted the experience and never wanted to do anything like it again. That stayed true until I went to HersheyPark.

Student Programs Trip to Hershey Park

HersheyPark was amazing. I went on several 70+ mph roller coasters that went against the wind, with the cold air smacking my face. I also went on the famous chocolate tour in Hershey Chocolate World and learned all about how Hershey's chocolate is created and how the company became what it is today. I went to several other rides and events with my friends and I enjoyed every moment. The experience made me completely change my mind about camping out for the tickets: it was totally worth it. I now think of it as trying something new. It may have been difficult at first, but in time I began to appreciate the memory.

This trip made me realize what social life at college is all about: trying new things. College gives you opportunities that, if taken advantage of, will determine how much fun you will have. Lycoming College offers several opportunities such as trips to Times Square in New York or outdoor activities with the Outdoor Leadership Group. Along with a good group of friends, you will definitely have fun.

As you can tell from the picture, I was freezing, but still had a great time. Lycoming's Campus Activities Board plans lots of other trips like this one for students to participate in, and is a great opportunity to be a leader on campus! Find out about all the great opportunities at Lycoming by talking to your admissions counselor or taking a look around our website.

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