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College Changes You in Ways You'd Never Imagine

Posted by Kaitlyn Hipple on Oct 4, 2016 11:16:23 AM
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When I was a senior in high school, I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up—a high school English teacher. My plans were set in stone: I would attend Lycoming College with a major in English Literature and go through the Education program to receive my Secondary Education Certificate. Upon entering my freshmen year I found great success. I was quickly offered a tutoring position in the Writing Center after English Composition and found myself, as a freshmen, enrolled in ENG 321 Modern and Contemporary English Literature taught by Dr. Leiter. I fell in love with the Southern Gothic era and quickly found my niche within the realm of literature. Meanwhile, I was fulfilling my Modern Language requirement with Spanish 111. I easily looked at this class as another stepping stone in getting me to my future; but, after a few weeks into that spring semester, I fell in love with the language and was craving more. I was signed into Spanish 221 for the fall of 2015 taught by Dr. Sandra Kingery.

Studying Abroad in Spain

This semester proved to be a crossroads in my college career: if I loved Spanish as much as I seemed to, I had to make a choice of whether I would pursue my bachelors in it and ditch the plan I had for years or stick to what I was comfortable with. Choosing a major was my objective.  Well, as I’m studying abroad in Spain the decision I made is apparent. Spanish became my world after just two classes. In October of 2015 I declared my major as Spanish; I signed up for SPAN 222 and 321, among others. It was then that my future no longer was in the far distance but rather here in the present. That was when Dr. Kingery asked me to be her First Year Seminar Assistant in Lost and Found Translation and then proceeded to offer me the incredible opportunity to work with her on the Andrew W. Mellon grant project in translating a novel of 25 stories from Spanish to English with a promise of publication credit.


In short, college, in general, truly has the power to change your life in ways you’d never imagine. I found a beautiful home with this lovely language and I have never been as happy as I am now pursuing my Bachelors in Spanish. My professors were amazing supporters in this decision, even my English professors! My advice for others is to be open minded and allow college to help you find your place in this world and your true passion.

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