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Confessions of a Bibliophile

Posted by Stephanie Osczepinski on Nov 30, 2016 10:00:00 AM
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 I’ll admit that I have a problem; I love books too much. I currently have about 20 unread books in my dorm room, and they take up my entire desk shelf. As a bibliophile, I tend to spend too much time engulfed in a book.

I still get all my schoolwork done, don’t worry! I just prefer to sit in a comfy chair reading on a Friday night rather than going out to some crazy party.  When I was a freshman, I even told my parents “I go out; I go to the library”, which has been a joke in my family ever since. Parties are not for everyone, myself included. I would much rather enjoy the company of a book and ambient music. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the company of other people. I have many friends here on campus, ranging from senior to freshman, and I really enjoy spending time with them. However, sometimes I just need quiet time to read.

It is important to read in college

 It is highly advisable to not take a bibliophile like myself to a bookstore, for they will want to buy all the books. It’s like taking someone to a animal shelter that loves animals; the person doesn’t like seeing all the dogs and cats locked up in cages waiting for someone to give them a home. Having the Snowden Library on campus is very beneficial, and there are three bookshelves dedicated just to leisure novels! The library helps save me money, and I often check more than one book out at a time. 

On the occasion that I find myself in a bookstore, I never leave empty-handed, and the greatest Christmas gifts can sometimes be something as small as a gift card to a bookstore. In Williamsport, PA, there is a local bookstore downtown, Otto’s, that I love to visit. During my last visit, I purchased 4 books from the discount carts, they were all Advanced Reader Copies (meaning they were not published yet), and I ended up spending less than $15!

Loving to read is very beneficial in college, especially when a professor assigns an essay or book to read for class. Not only does reading for leisure help increase reading comprehension, but loving to read means you’re more likely to do the reading! Professors can be disappointed when people don’t read things that they assign, and the one person that does read most of the assignments is often given acknowledgement, points on the assignment, and sometimes even extra credit! In my college experience, I have often been one of the few people who would read some of the texts assigned, and my professors are very thankful that I take the time to stimulate my brain by reading the assignments. Reading for class may not be as enjoyable as for leasure, but it helps me understand the material more and thus I get a better grade!

So a word of advice from a college senior: read when you can, both for class and for fun!

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