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Daniel Tierney, a current Lyco student, tells us about his WISE internship experience…

Posted by Daniel Tierney on Aug 3, 2017 9:50:34 AM

The Williamsport Internship Summer Experience (WISE) program provides students entering their sophomore, junior or senior year at the College with a resume building opportunity, workforce experience in a field of interest, assistance in choosing/confirming a major and time management skills between their work and personal life. Lycoming College asked our WISE Interns to reflect on their experiences and what follows is a series of their responses.

Meet Daniel Tierney, Lycoming College Summer 2017 WISE Intern and class of 2018.

This summer, I interned with Larson Design Group’s Marketing and Corporate Communications department. I was grateful for this opportunity because I experienced things I never thought I’d experience in an internship. I had first-hand experience working with each department of the organization, including executives. My supervisors gave me tasks that pushed me outside of my comfort zone to help me develop as a young professional. A large part of what made this internship experience so great was the people I worked with each day.

My internship at LDG provided me with several experiences that have familiarized me with the engineering, architecture, and surveying industry. I created LDG’s first client persona, which will be used as a style guide for their content marketing in hopes of increasing leads for the company. I also coordinated a Q&A video about the company’s involvement in Pennsylvania’s CNG P3 project, which was used in a story map on the company’s website. Lastly, I worked on a collaboration between LDG and Lycoming College, in which I interviewed John DiMarco—a board member for both LDG and Lycoming College—for the Executive Speaker Series at the college. Though the details are still being worked on, the event will focus on leadership characteristics and lessons learned, and should be scheduled for some time in mid-October.

I never would have thought that I would have gotten this type of exposure within a business entering my senior year of college. I figured that a summer internship would involve making copies and answering phone calls all day. I am ecstatic that my experience with LDG involved so much more than that. I was able to see the positive and negatives of different situations that occur in the business world each day. I had the opportunity to witness a company restructure a department to better focus on its goals. It’s not every day that an intern gets to witness these things. This internship has given me a list of things to look for in a job post-graduation.

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