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Dinner at Don Patron

Posted by Mikayla Feldbauer on Feb 6, 2017 2:42:31 PM
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I’ve been taking Spanish in school since seventh grade. I took it all the way up to Spanish V and I loved, almost, every minute of it. So naturally, I’m a member of the Spanish Club (AKA ¡Amamos el Español!) here at Lycoming College. It’s not a new club, but the previous club that was in place sort of ended in recent years so we started it back up again this year. The club’s goal is to learn more about the Spanish language and the cultures of countries where Spanish is spoken. The way that the club is set up allows everyone to join in, no matter how much Spanish they know.

The Lycoming College Spanish Club at a local Spanish restaurant

We did a lot of activities during my first semester in the club. There have been movie nights, Skype chats with students abroad, game nights, a dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, and a Spotify playlist. I have participated in the game nights and dinner. We played Lotería at each of the game nights. This is basically Bingo in Spanish; except, there are pictures instead of numbers and the cards that are called are read in Spanish. I really enjoyed these events!

One night in November a few members of the club met up and walked together to a local Mexican restaurant called Don Patron. Anyone was welcome to come but our goal was to speak Spanish all throughout the dinner. We were even going to order in Spanish because the waiters there speak it.

We ended up having a waitress who spoke English, but that didn’t stop us from talking in Spanish amongst each other! We conversed while we waited for our food and we managed to keep this up for pretty much the entire night. We helped each other when we couldn’t think of a word, and once or twice we switched to English to make our point a little clearer but other than that the language spoken was Spanish the entire night! I talked to upperclassman almost the entire time and I was pretty proud of my ability to keep up with the conversation. (Plus, in case you were wondering, the food was really good!)

So far this year I’ve had a lot of fun with the Spanish Club. I’m not going to be able to take as many Spanish classes as I would have liked to here at Lycoming, so I’m glad that this club is giving me the opportunity to continue speaking the language. I’m excited to see where the club goes from here and I look forward to more fun activities in the future.

Read this blog in Spanish here!

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