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Finals Week at Lycoming College

Posted by Bryan Manoo on Jan 27, 2017 2:29:01 PM
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The study guides on the table. The class notes wide open. Textbooks with important information highlighted. The typing sound of the keyboard resonating on the first floor of the library. Group study in the Pennington lounge. Queues at the Writing Center. The Lycoming students are in full study mode for final exams.

Students studying for final exams at Lycoming College

As a freshman, I experienced finals week for the first time, and it was not a stressful week. I had my two exams scheduled on Monday, the first day of finals week, and my first semester was over before I knew it. My other two classes required the students to submit a paper for grading, which I did during the weekend after classes ended. Still then, I was scared to face the dreaded finals week because my friends claimed that it is “the longest week of the semester” or the “most horrendous week of college life.” Finals week may be the most stressful week in the life of college students, but why should we stress when our college cares for us?

Have you ever heard of people having breakfast at 9 p.m.? Well, Warriors do! Lycoming College supports its students as they sit for the finals and that’s why we get to have late night breakfast on the Sunday prior to the start of finals weeks. Tater tots, fresh fruits, French toast sticks, waffles, yogurt: all our favorite breakfast treats are available. We all know about the midnight munchies and we experience them the most when we’re staying up till late to study. But at Lycoming, one thing is certain: You are not studying late at night for the finals while craving for food.

Another thing that makes the finals easier at Lycoming College is Snowden till 2! Snowden till 2 is when your professors and peer tutors conduct study sessions in the library. You can ask them questions and be more confident about acing the exam. Snowden till 2 is not only about studying. The library staff made sure that the environment was fun and conducive to learning. Pizza, coffee, hot chocolate, snacks, cookies, raffle, massages: all these were there to lighten up the atmosphere and to destress the students. During Snowden till 2, I had the opportunity to clear some doubts about my Philosophy class with my tutor and I attended a review session for my Political Science class.

All students want to give their best at the finals, and we study hard for that. However, if the college does not encourage us to strive harder to succeed, we might abandon the race half-way. But if you are at Lycoming, you’ll never run this race alone. Your professors and the college’s staff will be by your side to make you win! The college will provide you with resources and you must use these resources efficiently and effectively. To learn more about what Lycoming offers to its students, click below!

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