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First week on the Job...

Posted by Melissa Bilza on Jul 19, 2017 2:27:01 PM

It’s my second summer returning to my internship and I love it. I am a Public Affairs Intern at a medical device company in Center Valley, PA. I work with the Corporate and Medical Communications Team in projects related to social media, public relations, government affairs, corporate communications, etc. This summer, I elected to work 40-hours a week, Monday through Friday with 9am to 5pm workdays. I love working full-time and enjoying this feeling of consistency and structure. I enjoy the 20-minute commute to work every morning as opposed to having a five minute walk to class to clear my head. I have my own laptop and desk phone in my cubicle, a place that is my own personal space to complete my work. I book all of my meetings on Lotus Notes (similar to Microsoft Outlook), and I regularly go out to lunch with coworkers.

What I’ve learned at Lycoming College, both in my corporate communications and business administration classes and my internship with the College, have helped me so much. My former internship with Lycoming College’s Marketing & Communications department gave me a leg up on my first day. At Lycoming College,I used a content management program called Hootsuite to schedule social media posts to the College’s social media accounts. On my first day at my new internship I was introduced to the social media manager. And sure enough, Hootsuite was up on her computer monitor.A similar occurrence happened to me during the spring semester. Last semester, while I was interning in the College’s marketing department, I was taking a film class where we learned video editing and how to operate DSLR cameras for film and photography. I was helping out with a campus-wide photoshoot, and the photographer mentioned something about the number 100, saying that his camera needed more light. I was so excited, I knew exactly what he was talking about. He was referring to the f-stop, or aperture, of the camera, which is the actual size of the opening that lets light in. It was so awesome to understand the language of a photographer, because of something I learned in a class at Lycoming College, even if it was only one piece of information,

My basic knowledge of DSLR cameras came in handy just the other day at my current internship. My manager and I were receiving a tutorial on how to sync up an iPad with an DSLR camera for a meeting we are attending. We were being shown how to set up the tripod, mount the camera, and adjust the f-stop, ISO, and white balance via the iPad. I suddenly remembered how intimidated I felt during the first few weeks of my film class last semester when I was struggling to process the very same information. Learning how to operate a camera for photography and film is like a whole new language. But in that moment, I was once again so thankful I had taken a challenging film and photography class. Even though I hated dragging a tripod across campus every week, I was grateful for the valuable skills I learned.

I have such an appreciation for these special moments where you can recall knowledge learned in school and apply it to a particular situation. It makes you feel like everything you learn in college is truly applicable to the real world. And let’s be honest, some of those distribution classes may not be as helpful in your professional life post-college, but it certainly is useful to have a little bit of knowledge in various fields. And it feels rather validating to know your college education will translate into a career in which you already have some knowledge about. It’s okay to challenge yourself if you think the payoff will be worth it. The first week of my internship has been great, and I am looking forward to working with my team for the remainder of the summer.

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