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The CAS Halloween at Lycoming College

Posted by Stephanie Osczepinski on Nov 7, 2016 11:17:53 AM
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Every year, Lycoming College has great Halloween activities that are "so spoopy". Between the Haunted Rec, the Halloween dance, and the Creative Arts Society's Haunted House, the weekend before Halloween is a fun experience! Although I have never personally been to the Haunted Rec (I am a total scaredy-cat), I have heard great things about the hauntings that lurk in the Recreation Center. 

The Haunted Rec at Lycoming College

The one thing that I AM involved with every year, however, is the Creative Arts Society's (CAS) Haunted House! In the past, the themes have included an asylum, a creepy carnival (in honor of the American Horror Story season that was premiering that year), and a haunted hotel. For the year of 2016-2017, the theme for the Haunted House was Twisted Tales! Most of the Grimm Brother's famous stories are actually quite grotesque, and as children, we learn about how the princesses get their "happy ever afters" in the end. However, the original fairy tales do not end so happily, and we used these grim perspectives to cause people to shriek. 

For this year's theme, I was an actor as one of the Ugly Stepsisters in Cinderella. In the Disney version of the tale, the stepsisters live happily ever after; however, the Grimm Brothers have the stepsisters cut off their heels and toes so the glass slipper will fit. And when Cinderella is found to be the true beholder of the shoe, the sisters are punished by being pecked to blindness. The Grimm Brothers certainly were grim, and I did a lot of screaming. My foot is still red from the fake blood we used to pretend to cut off our heels (we used playdough), but it was worth it! Everyone had awesome costumes thanks to the Lycoming College Theatre Department, and characters included a very creepy Beast, a tormented Little Red Riding Hood, a severed Snow White, and an evil Peter Pan.

Creative Arts Society Lycoming College

All in all, the haunted house was quite a success! For anyone that is on campus next year for Halloween, I totally recommend getting involved with the creation of the haunted house, being an actor, or even just going through the house to get spooked!

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