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Honors Societies at Lycoming College

Posted by Montana Crossman on May 30, 2017 11:08:40 AM

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             You may remember an honor society from your high school, either local or national, or you may have even been in the honor society. Here at Lycoming, and at most colleges across the nation as well, there is not one singular honors society, but around twenty-two different societies, usually based on discipline. These honor societies are usually chapters (local divisions) of the larger honors society. So, for example, the Lycoming College chapter of the national Religious and Theology Studies Honors Society (Theta Alpha Kappa) is named Alpha Theta Gamma.

            Recently, I have been honored by being sent invitations to join both Theta Alpha Kappa (Religious and Theology Studies Honors Society) and Sigma Tau Delta (English Honors Society). This only makes sense if you knew that I was an Archaeology and English Literature double major (which you all now know). I obviously accepted, considering the prestige of being in an honor society, especially if you are considering graduate school. Honors societies let schools know that you have put in the hard work and effort to do well in undergraduate school, and that your major specifically recognizes those achievements.

            All that is required, once you have been invited, is an induction fee and some small amount of money if you want regalia and merchandise for the honor society, which is entirely up to you. Then they will contact you with an induction date, usually in the form of a dinner.

            On the 29th of March, I was inducted into Theta Alpha Kappa. For our induction, we met in one of the ‘fancy’ dining rooms on campus. There are generally three areas for cafeteria catered dining: the Jane Schultz room in Wertz, the President’s Room in Wertz, and a small room next to Jack’s Corner. Which room you dine in depends on the size of your group. We were in the medium sized one next to Jack’s.

            We entered the room, found our seats and chatted for a little while. Since honors societies in college are usually discipline based, you will probably know people from majors similar to yours, or someone you may have taken classes with at some point. There was a guest speaker, a local reverend, who gave a speech. Then the inductions were held. There were only five inductees, myself included, so this process went rather quickly. Then we held elections for the four officer spots (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer). This process also went rather quickly.

            After all of this was done, we finally were able to eat. We had salad, chicken parmesan, and cookie dough for dessert (edible, I promise). It was all very good, and I had a really great time talking to my tablemates.

            The induction for the English honors society isn’t until the week after next, but I am also excited to attend that event.

            To be asked to join an honors society is a great honor, and if you have the opportunity you should really take it. If you are interested in the honors societies that Lyco has to offer, please click here.


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