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How to Maximize Your Time at Lycoming

Posted by Kaitlyn Hipple on Oct 4, 2016 3:28:21 PM
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Creating lifelong memories in just four years.

Often times students coming to college lack the ability to truly maximize their experience in college and truly “get their money’s worth.” My first piece of advice is to attend campus activities. The Campus Activities Board hosts many events such as movies on the weekend, the concert, Broadway trips, Warrior Extreme Challenge, and many more. But, it isn’t the only organization to host events. For example, Snowden Library typically has an event every month such as Bowling in the Stacks, Hide ‘n Seek, Easter Egg Hunt, and so on. There are choir and band concerts, sports events, speakers who come to campus, etc. Attending these events are typically free and are a great way to meet people.


Next, my advice to students is to not think in just short term goals but to think long term. What you do in college now, who you are now, sets the stage for who you will be after you graduate. Do you work out? Do you eat healthy? Do you establish relationships with classmates? Professors? One of the most important things in college is to make connections. For example, visit the tutors because they are your allies and your role models. Then in a year or even just a semester you can be one of them. Likewise, visit your professors, career advisors, deans, etc. because they are your advocates and can help you prepare for your future after undergrad.


An example of maximizing a short amount of time is my semester abroad. I’m only in Spain for 16 weeks and I need to make sure I travel as much as possible, visit as many museums as I can, and make as many memories as my brain can remember. Every day the school, Estudio Sampere, has trips to small cities in Madrid and historic sites and I try to attend them all. They are great ways to meet students from all over the world and experience the culture.  So, my best advice to students is to utilize your resources and try to make as many memories as possible while at Lycoming. That way you can make a unforgettable foundation to an amazing life.

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