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I Am a Tour Guide, I Am Lycoming

Posted by Julia Suchanek on Nov 1, 2016 12:00:00 PM
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The first representation of Lycoming College that a prospective student receives is often from their tour guide.  With that being said, being a tour guide is a huge responsibility. Not only do the guides have to entertain their tours, but they also have to provide them with correct information about the education, programs, clubs, activities, and sports teams Lycoming has to offer. Along with showing students the campus, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that student assistants do. Student workers also prepare letters and paperwork to send to perspective students all around the country and the world. Admissions counts on their student workers to be the face of Lycoming, and what might seem like a lot of responsibility is actually just pure fun.

Being a tour guide for Lycoming College is (I believe) one of the best jobs our campus has to offer. Although memorizing a manual with lots of facts about the school might seem tedious, meeting students from all around the world is an amazing experience. My favorite days for admissions are when Lycoming hosts open houses. This is where the guides and staff meet upcoming juniors and seniors and get to know the students throughout an entire day. Generally, this is a students first look at any college, which makes open houses a big deal. Throughout the day the tour guides and staff get to inform students about what Lycoming is, because Lycoming isn’t just a school, it’s a verb. I have watched so many students throughout these past two years become so excited about furthering their education at Lycoming and it sets me on a natural high for the rest of the day. My face literally cannot stop smiling from all of the joy these prospective students experience throughout their visit! If you are ever interested in visiting our campus, click here to request a visit!

Tour guides share their experiences at Lycoming College

Another job tour guides are often asked to do is  to be on a panel about Lyco Life whenever large groups of students or high school counselors visit our campus. On these panels, professors, faculty members, and current students talk about their individual experiences with Lycoming and why students should consider Lycoming as their next home after high school. It’s amazing to sit amongst other faculty and current students who love Lycoming just as much as I do. The best part is, each of us has our own story with Lycoming. It can either be a student’s reasoning for why they choose to come to Lycoming or a faculty member’s first thoughts when they stepped onto the campus of Lycoming College. Not only do the prospective students and counselors get to learn a personal story about our college, but I also get to learn about the people I share this community with. The main objective of a tour guide isn’t to convince you to come to Lycoming just because it’s our job, it’s to share with you why we fell in love with the community and show you the potential your life can have at Lycoming College.

If you are a current student on campus and are interested in joining the Admissions Tour Guide Staff make sure to keep an eye out for emails from student programs throughout the Spring semesters on where to pick up an application!


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