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Lost in the Realm of Possibilities

Posted by Nam Do on May 9, 2017 10:24:23 AM

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Lost under the European sky

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the near future, particularly the years after graduation. Questions have been popping up here and there: “Will I start working, or pursue further education?”, “Will I find a job that I like?”, or “What should I study then?” and --perhaps the most basic yet also most crucial-- “Where (in the world) will I be?”

A college junior, I find myself spending a semester abroad in Berlin, Germany. Honestly I would never have imagined this when I was admitted to Lycoming College three years ago, but then who knows for sure where life shall lead him? My education at Lycoming has opened many doors for me, among which is the opportunity to immerse myself in (yet) another culture.

How I arrived in the heart of Europe

I took a German language course at Lycoming College during my sophomore year. I was interested in languages in general, and learning a foreign language is a given for any Lyco Warrior. Yet little did I know then that it was one of the first steps on my journey to Germany. My professor, Dr. Cagle, had also been a great teacher and inspirer, and recommended me a great study abroad program. A few months later I applied to this same program, and since then, I have never regretted it.

As a matter of fact, the preparation process was rather long and arduous, and I even had to postpone my plan for a semester. Almost one year had passed when my plan finally worked out, and there have been so many people to whom I owe my deep gratitude, including Dr. Cagle, the Study abroad office, my supervisors, professors and friends --most of whom from the Lycoming community. Without their support I could not have possibly reached my goal.

And also thanks to the liberal arts education…

I have got the opportunity to explore a great variety of academic disciplines, German language included. Sometimes I wonder if I would still be here, had I not taken that German course? On the other hand, the interdisciplinary program has enabled me to take many abroad courses for credits, especially those which have no American equivalents. For instance, I am taking Modern German philosophies and Historical context of Islam in Europe, which will transfer back as Philosophy and History electives. So I get to take interesting courses AND not fall behind in terms of credits - what could have been better?

Studying at Lycoming has opened many doors for me. In fact, I think it is partly responsible for the questions recently occupying my mind. Surely I am nervous about the future, but --perhaps-- these are simply the various routes made available by the liberal arts education that I’m receiving.

In the next two years?

Well, I might be working for a digital marketing firm, pursuing a Master of Fine Arts, or even teaching languages(!!). I might still be in the States, or home in Vietnam, or perhaps somewhere else in the world. All these possibilities await me, and for as long as I keep moving, I can go anywhere and do almost anything. That, I have learned through my years at Lycoming College.

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