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Lycoming's Trip to Hershey Park

Posted by Montana Crossman on Dec 7, 2016 9:00:00 AM

My freshman year at Lycoming College, my friends and I attended the fall trip to Hershey Park. We all had a great time, and I couldn’t wait to go again. My sophomore year, we did not attend the trip, but this year my friend Abbie and I went with the Campus Activities Board (CAB).


Before we could go on the trip, we had to reserve our spots on the bus. So, at six o’clock on a Tuesday morning, my friend and I walked across campus to the Wertz Student Center. We brought blankets, but we were still shivering. Since Wertz does not open until seven in the morning, we had to wait outside. It was still dark outside and there were already people waiting in line. Like thirty people waiting in line. So we waited.


Campus Activities Board Lycoming College


Then at seven, the doors were opened and we shuffled up the stairs to second floor of Wertz where sign-ups were being held. We were scared that we would be put on the waitlist, since there were so many people, but luckily we made it on the list. We deposited the twenty dollars to hold our spot (which would be returned to us on the day of the trip) and signed the waivers.


So, a few weeks later we woke up around eight, got ready, made our way down to the bus, and left about nine-thirty. We were shivering, even with our coats on, but we were so excited (my freshman year we had gone earlier in the semester, so it wasn’t as cold). The bus ride was only about two hours long, which gave us just enough time to watch the Polar Express on the TVs.


Around noontime we finally arrived in Hershey, PA. Since it was November, the park was definitely less busy than it would have been earlier in the season. We walked down one of the busiest pathways and there was no one in front of us or behind us. This was actually kind of awesome, especially when it came to waiting in line. Half of the time, Abbie and I were the only ones on the ride!


It was so cold that we would occasionally duck into the bathrooms, which were heated. They also smelled of sugar-cookies - strange scent to associate with bathrooms, but who am I to question Hershey Park?

By the time five o’clock rolled around, we were both very cold. So we exited the park and spent the rest of our time in Chocolate World. We took the tour a few times, shopped, and had some dinner. Around eight o’clock we finally left Hershey and headed back to Lyco.

All in all, we had a very good time. We were cold, but we enjoyed the small lines and the Christmas lights that were strung up for the holidays.

Trips like this is one of the reasons that CAB is so awesome. Not only do they sponsor free trips to amusement parks, musicals, etc., but they also plan music concerts at Lycoming that are free to students. In the past we have had All American Rejects, Scotty McCreery, and the year before I came to Lyco they had Awolnation. All of CAB's activities are definitely things to look forward to on Lyco's campus!

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