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Getting on Track at AutoTrakk...

Posted by Brianna Fulp on Jul 20, 2017 3:30:00 PM

The Williamsport Internship Summer Experience (WISE) program provides students entering their sophomore, junior or senior year at the College with a resume building opportunity, workforce experience in a field of interest, assistance in choosing/confirming a major and time management skills between their work and personal life. Lycoming College asked our WISE Interns to reflect on their experiences and what follows is a series of their responses.

Meet Brianna Fulp, Lycoming College Summer 2017 WISE Intern and class of 2019.

For the summer of 2017, I interviewed for and was selected to participate in the Williamsport Internship Summer Experience (WISE) program for Lycoming College. Being a dual major in Business Administration and Corporate Communication, I wanted to get some real experience in the business world. My career advisor, Anne Landon, really pushed me to apply for the internship because she thought that it would give me the experience that I was looking for. The WISE program ended up pairing me with Auto Trakk LLC, located in Montoursville, PA. This was the first time that Auto Trakk ever participated in the WISE program. I was slightly concerned when I found out that the CFO and the CEO at the time were both Alumni of Lycoming College—it made me really nervous. So to me, it made the internship feel like it was a big deal. I was just hoping that they would like me and think I was a good fit for their company.

Since Auto Trakk accepted me as their Summer Sales Intern, I have been working primarily with Jennifer Winters, the acting Marketing Support Representative. We have worked hand-in-hand on a large variety of marketing and sales projects. One thing that we accomplished is that we used to send out faxes to all of our participating dealers, and while I’ve been here we have switched over to sending emails instead to stay up to date. On a daily basis, I send out spreadsheets containing the stats of all of our sales representatives, as well as evaluate new dealer applications before sending them onto the Vice President of Sales, my other boss, Stephen Pietrowicz.

I really enjoyed seeing how all the different parts of a business work together. We are constantly working on projects to continue to get our name out there. I’ve been learning a lot about how to properly advertise a business as well as a lot of analytical skills. I think that working at Auto Trakk may affect my job search in the future because I might want to steer towards the same type of work that I am doing here, or maybe go in a different direction now that I have an idea of what a future sales job may entail. Overall, I have really enjoyed working at Auto Trakk and hope that in the future I am able to continue working with this company.

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