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Major Changes: Choosing What's Right

Posted by Montana Crossman on Dec 15, 2016 1:33:43 PM

Some people seem to have everything all laid out. From the moment they accept their diploma in high school, they know what they want to do with their lives and who they want to be. Originally, I thought I was grouped in with these highly efficient people, but now, in my junior year of college, I find myself questioning things more often than not.

When I first started college in the fall of 2014, I wanted to be an archaeology major. I had everything all laid out. I knew what classes I needed to take, and I had looked at career options and what I could do with my education. I thought I had it all together.

montana.jpgGrowing up, I loved to read. Over time, my passion for reading turned into a passion for writing stories. What I liked most was creating new worlds and characters. But I knew that the creative writing path is not the easiest or the most lucrative. Just to be sure, I took an introduction to creative writing class as an elective at Lycoming. I told myself that if I liked the class, I would declare myself a double major. If I didn't like the class, then I would gain experience. (Spoiler alert: I ended up double majoring.)

Everything changed when I started my junior year of college. I think that was when it really hit me that I would be a college graduate soon. And nothing frightens college students more than gradating, because there's always that question of, "did I make the right decision?" And that's the question I've been asking lately.

I eventually decided that while I love to write, majoring in creative writing may not have been the best path for me. I actually found that I enjoyed my literature classes much more than I enjoyed my actual writing classes. Luckily, the creative writing major is just a track (a focus) of the English major. The other track is an English literature major. Let's just say that I am much happier now as an English literature major paired with my archaeology degree.

Because that's really what I think majors are all about. Choosing a major is like choosing what makes you happy. I wasn't happy as a creative writing major. As an English literature major I'm not always blissful (I still have a ton of literature papers to write), but I do find that I don't abhor going to my classes.

Never be afraid to do what makes you happy and make some major changes.

If you believe Lycoming College could be what's right for you, then set up a visit and come fall in love with our campus (which is especially beautiful now that the snow has come).

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