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Major Changes (Literally)

Posted by Stephanie Osczepinski on Dec 9, 2016 1:04:00 PM
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In 2013, I walked into my first college class at 7:45AM (I’m an early bird) and thought that I was going to be a biology major. I love animals, and I thought that biology was the best fit for me. However, in the middle of the spring semester, while taking BIO 111, I came to realize that I was not destined to become a biology major. I went through the rest of the spring semester unsure of myself, because I have so many interests. I love books, and I thought maybe a library career would be for me. I also love to write, and I almost became a creative writing major.

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However, I then reflected on the two psychology classes I had taken my freshman year, Introduction to Psychology (taught by Dr. Kurt Olsen) and Learning Disabilities (taught by Dr. Sue Beery). After doing further research with my parents and friends, I realised that the psychology field really interested me. Sophomore year, I decided to take more psychology classes, including a Drugs, Behavior, and Society class and Behavior Modification. I asked Dr. Beery to be my advisor, since it would be beneficial to have a psychology professor help me plan my classes, and I really am thankful for Dr. Beery. During the spring of 2014, I declared myself as a psychology major, hoping to go into clinical psychology upon graduation. I’ve always loved helping people, and my parents think I do really well with other people. I talked with Dr. Beery about possibly going to graduate school for school counseling my junior year, and I thought I had it all worked out.

Things changed, of course, over the summer of 2016. I worked at a special education school near my hometown as a teaching assistant, hoping to get more experience working with children (I was hoping to be an elementary guidance counselor). During my time at the school working one-to-one with a 5 year old boy with autism and a slight speech impediment, I realised that maybe something else was my calling. I have always loved how people can communicate in so many ways, and I became very interested in American Sign Language and deaf culture my junior year of college.

Learning Sign Language

While working with the 5 year old at school, I became aware of speech pathology, and would help the boy with his speech with advice from the speech therapist at the school. I then started talking about potentially going into speech pathology with my parents after graduating, and my mom thinks I have found my calling. It’s funny how I started out wanting to work with animals and being a biologist, and now am hoping to pursue a career helping children with their speech.

Now I just have to graduate and earn enough money to go to graduate school…..

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