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Murder Mystery at Lycoming College?

Posted by Montana Crossman on Apr 10, 2017 4:22:05 PM

lycoming college murder mystery dinner

Every year at Lycoming College, the Campus Activities Board sponsors a group from Harrisburg who comes and performs a murder mystery. You sign up ahead of time, and you get dinner catered by the college (which is always good, especially the ice cream and peanut sauce for dessert) in addition to the show.

Last year, my friends and I went to the murder mystery dinner for the first time. The theme that year was related to Mardi Gras: “Big Lies in the Big Easy.” There was a murder, drama, and a ghost. All of the actors were really good.

This year's show centered around the grieving family of a murdered Italian restaurant owner; the title of the show: “the Lethal Lasagna.” There were multiple suspects: the man’s twin brother, who had not spoken to him in years, the brother’s money-grabbing pregnant fiancé, the dead-man’s widow, his son, his daughter, or his daughter’s fiancé.

While you sit and dine on a three-course meal, the actors sit down at your table, letting you question them. They may drop you a piece of paper that has a clue about the characters.

From what I’ve seen, the actors are given a general character description, but the rest of the night is their own improv.

You are given a pamphlet with the characters, their backgrounds, and descriptions. There is also a ballot on the back of the pamphlet for the end part of the night, where everyone votes for who they thought had ‘dunnit’ and their motivations.

I won’t say everything that happened, but man with all of the plot twists, it was like an Italian soap opera/ murder mystery.

In the end, we all voted (after eating the delicious peanut butter sauce and ice cream), and watched as each suspect was eliminated. When the killer was revealed, we all groaned since only one person had voted for that character.

The winner who had guessed the right killer ended up getting a gift certificate that could be used at Jack’s Corner or Café 1812 on campus.

The Murder Mystery was really great, and just like the year before I had a good time.  I’m glad that CAB is able to get local groups like this to come in and provide some entertainment for the students.


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