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Preparing for Halloween

Posted by Ali Preston on Nov 3, 2016 9:09:00 AM
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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Last year, my friends and I created a bunch of crazy characters and decided to dress up as them for Halloween. That was my first time making a costume rather than just buying one from the store. I will admit that I regret making my character so detailed.

 Creative Halloween Costume Hat

Our characters were time traveling robots with ridiculous personalities. I was Clockwork, an eccentric robot with a horrible habit of annoying everyone around him. I searched for weeks for a tail coat, vest, and boots that I envisioned for him. I spent longer replacing buttons with gears and painting designs onto a terrifying mask and a plain black vest. Even more time was spent trying to figure out how Clockwork would move and speak. The part of Clockwork’s costume I was most proud of was his hat. Admittedly, I had some pretty high ambitions for his hat. He was to have a red ribbon wrapped around a top hat. The ribbon would have the hands of clocks sewn into the fabric. On the side of the hat would be the faces and insides of pocket watches glued together and to the hat.

I got lucky and found a jar of watch parts in an antique store. The hard past was getting everything to stick together. I tried all sorts of glue - metal glues, fabric glues, everything. Every time, the instant I turned my head too fast, the watch pieces flew apart. Thank goodness for my mother who used to do crafting all of the time. She told me to just use hot glue and amazingly, everything stayed together.

This year we were robots once again, but new robots. I was fairly proud of myself as well. I went from simply gluing ribbon to a hat to making a belt and the tails for my partner’s vest. My costume was fairly simply. The robot, Eenie, had simple tastes and a significantly more subdued personality compared to Clockwork. All I needed was a nice jacket, some nice pants and boots. However, I ran into a problem: neither the jacket I wanted nor the pants I bought had pockets.

 Students show their spirit on Halloween

A few Google searches later, I found a tutorial to make a relatively large pouch. Once I had the fabrics I wanted, I fumbled through the instructions, stabbed myself multiple times with the needle, and cursed my decisions. However, I ended up with a pouch that was strong enough to hold all of my things without falling to pieces. Now I just needed something to attach it to. I made a belt and the holster holding a cane to my hip. With that completed, my partner handed me a vest and, with puppy dog eyes, asked me to make tails for their costume. Regardless of how many times I cursed or pricked my fingers, I greatly enjoyed making our custumes and was happy to show them off at the party that the Revolution Against Rape club on campus put on.


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