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Psychology Student 101

Posted by Stephanie Osczepinski on Feb 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM
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Although I didn’t apply to Lycoming College for psychology (I was originally a biology major), I have found that being a psychology major was the right fit for me! Psychology is one of the most common majors in the United States , and there is a good reason! Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology grants more job opportunities because it is a flexible major. People assume psychology is all about experiments in super secret labs, but in reality, psychology is used in every-day life. Having experience with studying about mental disorders and how the mind works allows students to get jobs in counseling, social work, business, education, and childcare.

However, some people have certain stigmas about psychology students that are simply not true.

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“Tell me what’s wrong with me.”

Even though we study the mind, we cannot determine what is “wrong” with a person. Only professional therapists with a MD or PhD in Psychology are allowed to diagnose people with mental illnesses, and sometimes even they can not really figure out why a person acts a certain way. The way the mind works is still sometimes a mystery. Psychology has advanced greatly over the last century, but we still have a lot to discover about the brain.

There aren’t any job opportunities for psychology students.

The psychology degree is very diverse, and I have friends that graduated with a degree in psychology that have found jobs as social workers, counselors, office assistants, and teacher’s aides. Sometimes having a psychology degree can even just be a stepping stone to a career. For example, even though I will graduate with a psychology degree, I plan on attending graduate school to get a degree in Library Sciences. Being a librarian requires experience with research, and my studies have really helped me get that experience!

Psychology isn’t a science.

There are three types of sciences: physical, biological, and social.  Earth science and physics are physical sciences. Biology and anatomy are biological sciences. Psychology and sociology are social sciences. Physical science studies nonliving objects, biological science studies life, and social science studies society and individuals in society.Psychologists use the scientific method. Experiments can be held in a lab or out in the world.  So yes, psychology actually is a science.

I think being a psychology major is pretty great and encourage anyone thinking about coming to Lycoming College to come join the psychology department! Not only is it a fun and interactive major, but the professors are very skilled and sometimes even talk about their own experiences. It’s also a great major for people who aren’t sure about what they want to do, because psychology can be applied to so many different careers. Click below to learn about the psychology department, or any of the 30+ degrees Lycoming College offers!

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