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The Benefits of Having a Job on Campus

Posted by Kaitlyn Hipple on Oct 25, 2016 10:00:00 AM
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The summer before my freshman year, I applied online for a job in Snowden Library through the campus employment directory. The job I applied for was a student assistant for the Assistant to the Director of Snowden Library, which was a job unlike any other student worker position. I came to the library in July for the interview and that’s when I found out I was hired. The ladies in the library were very welcoming and helpful; not just within the confines of the library but beyond. They asked me about my classes, my interests, my plans for the future, and soon we became friends. I always tell people that the library became my home away from home. I love working there and the ladies are absolutely wonderful! When I broke my arm my first year the ladies were so helpful, they even tied my shoes! My boss, Tami Hutson, is like a second Mom to me and always reminds me to bring my coat and umbrella to work. Sometimes she even leaves me little goodies when it’s a holiday or she knows I need a pick-me-up.

Lycoming College library staff shows its Halloween spirit

Through this job I have met so many people on campus. For example, every week I go to ITS and I get the paper and toner that students use in the library printers. Julie Adams, the Help Desk Coordinator in ITS, always helps me get the supplies I need. One day I was talking to Julie and telling her about my winter break plans and then after a few minutes we found out that we’re actually related! Later that first year, Julie became a primary source for my English Composition research paper about nutrition. My job in the library has been one of the best experiences at Lycoming and I highly encourage students to apply for a job there, as if you didn’t need another reason to visit the library!

Another valuable job I’ve had on campus is working in the Writing Center. After my first semester I was offered a tutoring position from Director Shanna Wheeler. At the time I was an English Major so this job proved to be crucial experience for a future educator. Through this job I have met hundreds of Lycoming students and many faculty members. The best part about working in the writing center is the actual objective of the center. Our goal isn’t to just have students leave with a better paper; rather, it’s to leave a better writer. With that in mind, I love when students come to me weeks later with less errors than they had before. Even better, I love when students come up to me and thank me for helping them get that A. Although it’s very demanding because you’re asked to be more than just a student who has their own homework and papers to do, this job is very rewarding and has made me become a better writer and reader.


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