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The Lycoming College Student Recital

Posted by Amanda Goulden on Dec 7, 2016 2:00:00 PM

I just had my first piano recital at Lycoming College! I was both excited and nervous. I played a piece called “Puck” by Edvard Grieg. Puck is very energetic and full of character and it was a lot of fun to perform. The recital was in the Mary Lindsay Welch Honors Hall which is just across the street from where most of the buildings on campus are. I have gone to a few noon recitals in this building. A noon recital is when faculty members, students or invited musicians perform for students to attend.  It is also open to the surrounding community. Going to these recitals adds something new and different to your day and the musicians are always incredibly talented. I like that Lycoming offers a platform for so many people to display their talents and for the campus and community to be able to watch and appreciate their work. 

Private music lessons Lycoming College 

To prepare for this recital I had to practice a lot. The piece I played is fairly complicated and it took a lot of time to learn all of the components. To learn Puck, I used a technique that I think can be helpful for any big task you have to complete. My teacher recommended breaking the piece into small sections. Instead of tackling the piece head-on, I was able to learn one chunk at a time. This enabled me to give a lot of attention to each section. When I put all of the little sections together my song sounded so much better.   

This same technique is perfect for any big task or project (finals, for example, which are rapidly approaching). If you separate what you are doing into little sections, it will be less daunting and it will be easier to complete. I think that facing a full project makes it seem a lot more difficult to finish and makes it seem way more difficult than it actually is. 

I loved playing in the student recital! I have had so much fun taking lessons this semester and it was great to see the "final product".  Taking piano lessons at Lycoming is about so much more than playing the piano.  There are so many opportunities to perform and I have learned so much about how to handle the workload here at school. 

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