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The WISE Internship Application

Posted by Montana Crossman on Mar 31, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Williamsport internship Lycoming student

During the end of the last semester, I was in the middle of the application process for a Lycoming College sponsored internship: the Williamsport Internship Summer Experience (WISE) program.

I had gone in to see my career services counselor to talk about my future plans, and she told me that I should apply for the program. Once I heard about all of the program’s benefits, I was more than happy to apply.

Apparently, the WISE program is a (paid) summer internship where you stay on campus for the months of June and July. The counselors in Career Services hook you up with a local business or organization that will take you on as an intern. In addition to paying you a stipend for the summer, the college provides free housing - and the chance to add professional experience to your resume! After I heard the spiel, I was very excited.

I started the application process immediately, which required the usual materials: a personal statement, a resume, two recommendations, and a transcript. The application was due almost as soon as we got back from Winter Break, which was a little stressful, but worth it.

Thankfully, I had all of the application materials in at the right time, which meant that I could move on to the next stage: interviews.

As soon as I was cleared for the next stage of the application, I went and signed up for interview time. Since there were so many applicants, the first round of interviews had to be group interviews in order to narrow down the applicants. A few of my friends had applied as well, so we all went at the same time to give one another support. So there were the three of us, who were originally scheduled for the time slot, and then three other people applying for the internship were invited in as well, since it was already late. The interviewers were the Career Advisors from the different disciplines. The questions were pretty standard: what do plan to do if you’re accepted, how will you help the program, how will the program help you, etc.

Afterwards, we all waited anxiously to hear whether or not we had moved on to the next step.

A week or so later, the people who had been accepted were each emailed saying they had been accepted for the next round. Luckily, I was on the list of people! The next stage was short personal interviews to narrow the group to the available twenty or so spots.

I went dressed nicely for the interview, unsure what to expect for this round of questioning. In the end, I was asked about my plans after undergrad, and where would be a good place to be placed in Williamsport. I left the meeting nervous but hopeful.

The hardest part was waiting another week or two for the accepted or denied email.

By the time February 20th rolled around, I was an anxious mess. My friend, who had also moved onto the next round of interviews, sat down with me at the Café and was like, “Did you get the email too?” I had just checked my email an hour before he had sat down, and was immediately disappointed that I had not received the email. My friend urged me to check again, which I did. Finally, I went to my junk mail box, hoping that the email had just been accidently sent there. Much to my surprise, that was indeed what had happened!

So now, a few days later, I am ready to meet with counselor to discuss the next round in the process. I, of course, will let everyone know how it goes. Wish me luck!


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