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Thrift Shop Till You Drop

Posted by Hedy Gerace on Jan 26, 2017 3:45:24 PM
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If you like adventures, bargains, crafts, or sifting through trash to find treasure, you should thrift shop. Thrift shopping is great for college kids on a budget, and can also be a nice break from studying.

Thrift Shopping

I like thrift shopping because you’ll never see the same thing twice, so it’s a lovely way to find interesting gifts and unique pieces that tell stories. Some people might think it’s creepy that my cat teapot is pre-owned, but I just think it’s cool to have a connection with someone I’ve never met. Also, it was only $2. And I bet a cool old woman used to own it.

I went thrift shopping yesterday, so here are a few more examples of the strange, wonderful things you might find while thrift shopping:

Thrift shop Lycoming College

Dump Dinners. Amazing, right? Dinners you can just dump. Okay, not really amazing. The book title just made me laugh. (I’m a terrible person.)

Unique gifts at a thrift shop

Why, yes- this is exactly what you think/have always wanted! It’s a stamp of a person standing on a large, mobile fish. Inspiring, and only fifty cents!

Save money in college

Disney fabric art for under four dollars! I recently discovered a clothing brand that sells shirts and jackets with sewn-on Disney art, and while I really like the clothing designs, their clothes are expensive. This is a great example of how rewarding thrift shopping can be. DIY-style, I’ll have my own Disney clothes soon (I also bought an Aladdin print and a Little Mermaid print).

Thrift Shopping in Williamsport

I think this was considered by the store to be vintage, but what it really is is straight up terrifying. Actually, maybe this isn’t the most compelling picture to get you to thrift shop. But at least it’s unique, right…?

In all seriousness, thrift shopping is fun, inexpensive, and often supports non-profit causes. Goodwill, for example, creates job opportunities, and when you shop at Habitat for Humanity’s Restore, the proceeds go to Habitat’s mission of building homes for people in need. Another shop, the American Rescue Workers Thrift Store, supports multiple shelters in Williamsport.

All of these stores are close to Lycoming College (some within walking distance!). I encourage you to get out there, have fun, and discover through the world of thrift shopping. If you haven't explored our campus, plan a visit to Lycoming on the same day!

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