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Top 5 Study Spaces on Campus

Posted by Hedy Gerace on Nov 29, 2016 9:00:00 AM
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I usually need silence to study. This is definitely inconvenient at times, seeing as my floor can be rowdy and my roommate is a chatterbox. (As I’m typing, I told her that I’m calling her noisy in my blog post. She asked what I’m writing about and I said, “Good places to study.” She responded by laughing and yelling, “Nowhere near me!” Do you see what I have to deal with?) Anyway, there are a lot of great places to get work done at Lycoming College. Whether I need silence, a lot of background noise, or something in between, here are my top five favorite places to study on campus.

Snowden Library Study Room

1. Snowden Library

I love Snowden. It’s a great place to study with lots of resources, like the Math Center, the Writing Center, and the library staff. The first floor is usually the loudest; this is where people tend to meet up with others to study or to work on group projects. As you travel up in the library, things become quieter, with the fourth floor usually being completely silent. On each floor, there are a lot of great spaces to work: desks, comfy chairs, and study rooms.

Lynn Science Center Lycoming College

2. Lynn Science Center

Another great place to be productive is the Lynn Science Center. There are lounge areas on each floor, along with study rooms. These study rooms are beautiful and always make me feel relaxed. Most of them have whiteboards and TVs, which can be great tools for studying. There are also computer labs. And a lot of chairs with wheels… and smooth floors…

Pennington Lounge Lycoming College

3. Pennington Lounge

A popular place to study with a higher noise level is Pennington Lounge. Like the lower levels of the library, this is a great place to work together with others. Because there’s a lot of traffic in the lounge, people who prefer studying with background noise love to study in Pennington. Bonus: Cafe 1812 is right there. Hello, latte.

Studying at Lycoming College

4. Outside Pennington Lounge

On sunnier days, outside of Pennington is a great place to study. There are tables with umbrellas and a great little garden patches where you can watch squirrels run around while you write your annotated bibliography. Bonus: Café 1812 is still right there.

Art at Lycoming College

5. The Art Building

If you have art projects to work on (homework-related or personal projects), the art building is an awesome place to be. The level of noise depends on who’s there and what time of day it is (some people enjoy blasting music while they work and some stick to headphones). One thing is consistent about the art building, though — it’s a great place to go to get into a creative mindset. I’m always inspired by my fellow students’ artwork.

These are my personal top five places to study, but there are many other locations on campus that are great for getting work done. Let me know your favorites in the comments!

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