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The Perfect Spot for a Perfect Night...

Posted by Jae Ellison on Nov 3, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Guiding in the outdoors has taught me many things over the past 11 years. First, when I tell people that I work professionally in the outdoor field, I can count the breaths until I get the usual questions: Are you afraid of bears? Have you ever been struck by lightning? How do you go to the bathroom? The answers to the first two are "no", and the latter, well -- that is a story for a different day.

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A Message from the President: Localizing a Global Effort

Posted by Dr. Kent Trachte on Oct 3, 2017 3:18:35 PM


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Columbinus Project

Posted by Briana Burley-Inners on May 22, 2017 9:08:22 AM
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Laci Green on Rape Culture

Posted by Ali Preston on May 9, 2017 12:46:32 PM
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Lycoming named to Princeton Review's Best 382

Posted by Dr. Kent Trachte on Apr 25, 2017 4:03:02 PM

I am delighted to share the exciting news that Lycoming College has been selected as one of the newest additions to the Best 382 Colleges list published by the Princeton Review. In particular, the August 2018 edition, which will be available in August 2017, will feature Lycoming as one of six new schools receiving the Best 382 designation. This designation means that the Princeton Review regards Lycoming College as among the “cream of the crop” of undergraduate institutions in America.

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Murder Mystery at Lycoming College?

Posted by Montana Crossman on Apr 10, 2017 4:22:05 PM
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Posted by Amanda Goulden on Mar 7, 2017 3:00:00 PM

"When opportunity knocks, don't let fear hold you back. Open the door and embrace the opportunity that has come forth." - Anonymous  

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Senior Bucket List

Posted by Stephanie Osczepinski on Mar 6, 2017 3:19:19 PM
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Trip to New York City

Posted by Hedy Gerace on Mar 3, 2017 4:00:00 PM

This semester, Lycoming College introduced an exciting opportunity to its students: open bus trips.

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Camping Out for HersheyPark

Posted by Jay Patel on Dec 28, 2016 12:28:46 PM

At 4:45am on a frigid Monday morning, my friends and I shiver as we wait to get our tickets to HersheyPark. With below-freezing temperatures and classes in four hours, I questioned how my friends dragged me into this. I figured either one of two things: either they're very convincing or I am very easily persuaded. Regardless of the temperature, there were thirty other people camping out. No one could stay warm in the 26-degree Fahrenheit weather as heard by their chattering teeth, but everyone had one goal in mind: get (free) tickets! As for me, my goal was to survive the morning and sleep in my warm, comfy bed after classes.

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