The Lyco Lowdown: An Insider's View of Life at Lycoming

The Baltimore Waltz

Posted by Briana Burley-Inners on Dec 2, 2016 12:06:15 PM

Our most recent theatre performance that was performed November 16th-19th, 2016 is “The Baltimore Waltz” by Paula Vogel and is the second play of the fall season. The show is seemingly a tragicomedy (comedy and tragedy all in one) about a first grade school teacher from Baltimore, Maryland named Anna. Anna embodies Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ stages of grieving while she travels around Europe with her brother Carl with a hidden agenda in search of a cure for a deadly disease. Directed by Nigel Barnes, he asked his crew and cast to do some research on the show and related subjects, as well as find a personal connection with the show given that the show relates to death and dying. Thanks to this process, we had a deeper resonance with the meaning of the show and learned a lot about each other, including the strengths, weaknesses, and history of one another.

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Lyco's Mini-THON

Posted by Ali Preston on Nov 30, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Penn State created the Dance Marathon better known as THON® in 1973. Today, the THON lasts 46 hours and engages 15,000 students every year. There are also multiple Mini-THON®’s that happen in other colleges. Lycoming College is proudly one of those colleges.

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The Best of Lyco's Campus Activities Board

Posted by Amanda Goulden on Nov 11, 2016 12:15:00 PM

The other morning I got up at 5:00am. I got ready for the day, threw on some warm clothes, and (quietly) met my friends in the hallway. We trudged over to the balcony of the Wertz Student Center and waited outside in the freezing cold for over an hour. There were a bunch of other people waiting out there with us. People were in line in their pajamas and had blankets wrapped around them.

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