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Ranking Lycoming College's On-Campus Food

Posted by Dellon Jones on May 22, 2017 1:27:57 PM
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This is a ranking of the 3 on-campus food options Lycoming College offers. I hope this list helps students choose where they spend their limited flex dollars and/or their meal swipes.

1. Wertz Dining Hall- Also known as “the caf.” This is the best dining option in my opinion, not because of the quality of the food, but rather based on the amount of options you have. It is also the most reliable because it is open for the longest amount of time. The quality of the food is hit or miss really- there are some days when you can be pleasantly surprised by their options, but other times you can be left feeling disappointed. The dining hall workers are mostly professionals, so that sets them apart from both Jack’s and Café 1812 where the majority of the workers are students. Also, compared to the other options, Wertz also has the best service because you usually do not have to wait for your food unless the line at the made-to-order station is especially long. The dining hall also tries to be creative with their menu, which is something I appreciate because they could easily just prepare us the same food over and over, but they do try and mix it up. By far, the worst thing about the dining hall is the fact that it closes at 6:00PM on the weekends, which is way too early for dinner in my opinion, but I’m sure they have their reasons.

2. Café 1812-  My former place of employment does have the edge over Wertz in terms of food quality. I think 1812’s food tastes the best on campus. I don’t actually like coffee, but I have been told that 1812 does have the best coffee on campus, and we all know the value of coffee to college students. The coffee is important as to why I rank Café 1812 ahead of Jack’s. 1812 has some options, but not nearly as many as the dining hall. Their menu also does not change often, so what you see is really what you get. I have noticed that the Café is not as popular as Wertz or even Jack’s with students, perhaps because some have just never thought to try it. Its unique location (right in the middle of the Academic Center) and the fact that is not yet open on weekends isn’t helping them become more popular either. 1812 offers decent service, but some of my friends have told me that at the busiest times of the day you can find yourself waiting upwards of 20 minutes for food and/or a drink. Other times of the day though, they are fairly quick.  I’ve even had my order made before I even reached the front of the line to pay for it, so I guess it depends on what time you go.

3. (Last but not least) Jack’s Corner- Although Jack’s does have decent quality food, they don’t offer as many options as the other campus dining places. I don’t think the Jack’s menu has changed at all throughout my 3 semesters, except for the addition of the walking taco. Where Jack’s truly hangs its hat is the fact it is open until 12:00 AM every night. So, if you find yourself studying late at night, you know that Jack’s has got you covered. One thing Jack’s could improve is their system of delivering food, which I think is inefficient and somewhat confusing. Also, Jack’s could stand to lower their prices because they are the only option on campus where flex is the main payment method for customers. Since we only get a certain amount of flex every semester, it would make sense for them to lower their prices so that we could buy more food.

All in all, none of the on-campus dining options are bad. However, I feel like they needed to be ranked so that I could give my input on where you should spend your meal swipes and flex dollars.

For additional info about food on campus, check out this blog post by blogger Montana Crossman.

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