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Who Do the Polls Show is Really Losing?

Posted by Dellon Jones on Oct 25, 2016 1:41:04 PM
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This year’s presidential election is the first I am eligible to vote in. I think it’s safe to say I will never have an easier decision to make when it comes to voting for a president. Politically, I tend to err on the left but I hold some conservative beliefs, so in the future I will probably be picking my candidate based on political views. This year, I can only choose one candidate, and it is for a moral reason. I do not think someone as morally misguided as Donald Trump could be President of a PTA board, let alone the entire United States. I shouldn’t even have to go into the atrocities he says now and promises to do if elected President but I’ll do so as I see fit.

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By now, you’re probably wondering, “Okay. This guy clearly hates Trump, so what’s his title all about?” Well, here’s a short answer: a recent Fox News poll showed that 77% of people think Trump is not a good role model while 54% of people said that Hillary Clinton is. The same poll showed Clinton with 49% approval and Trump with 41%. Now you’re probably thinking, “This is all so straightforward any idiot could figure this out.” True any idiot could, if nudged in the right direction, but I want to take you deeper than the numbers. After all numbers are just numbers, and taken at face value they really don’t say anything of consequence. However, I think if you take a couple of steps beyond the numbers, you’ll begin to see who is really losing.


I think Lycoming, yes Lycoming and other colleges, are losing because of these polls. Well, maybe not just the polls but the whole presidential race in general. I see people with Trump for President signs all over their windows in Crever Hall and The Commons. I even took a picture in front of one with my “F@#! Trump” sweater on. Support for him on college campuses means young voters are adopting a man who has an intolerant view on the world which is something we don’t need in future generations.


Trump is a man who has never held a political office in his life.  He’s a former reality television star, has had a couple of broken marriages, and runs a business we attribute to his name but we really have no idea how or why it is so profitable for him to just stick his name on random things. In other words, he has about all the political qualifications as a Kardashian. As much as I’d like to see a member of the Kardashian family in the White House in the near future (Kanye 2020), I’m not tempted to vote for a quasi-Kardashian in the form of Trump now. Perhaps you’ve heard of the popular meme that says, “If Trump becomes President without a background in politics then we should be able to get jobs in our fields without degrees”. I challenge any Trump supporter to refute that claim. Not one has done so yet.


What I really struggle to understand is how a school like Lycoming - which enticed me (a young black man from the Bronx) with views of acceptance, tolerance, and fairness - could have a man as close minded as Trump having such visible support on campus. His supporters, unsurprisingly, lack diversity because he’s alienated so many different groups of people on his way. His supporters back him with a feverish intensity, almost unrivaled, but it doesn’t make their views morally right. The support of Trump at Lycoming isn’t bad but this is something I don’t like. I hope it will pass. Maybe I’m being a bit close-minded, but like I said if this were a political matter I would be more inclined to say, "live and let live," but to me this is a moral issue.


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