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How's the Food, You Ask?

Posted by Jay Patel on Dec 30, 2016 10:04:00 AM

To be quite frank, the food at Lycoming College is typically satisfying: not the best, but not the worst. There are some exceptions, however. Some days the food on campus is so good that I unbuckle my belt to make room for more! Then, some days, I resort to scavenging my friends' rooms and devouring several cups of Maruchan noodles.

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Topics: Student Life, Campus Dining

Camping Out for HersheyPark

Posted by Jay Patel on Dec 28, 2016 12:28:46 PM

At 4:45am on a frigid Monday morning, my friends and I shiver as we wait to get our tickets to HersheyPark. With below-freezing temperatures and classes in four hours, I questioned how my friends dragged me into this. I figured either one of two things: either they're very convincing or I am very easily persuaded. Regardless of the temperature, there were thirty other people camping out. No one could stay warm in the 26-degree Fahrenheit weather as heard by their chattering teeth, but everyone had one goal in mind: get (free) tickets! As for me, my goal was to survive the morning and sleep in my warm, comfy bed after classes.

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My Experience with Biology 110

Posted by Jay Patel on Dec 27, 2016 2:39:49 PM

Simply put, biology is hard but awesome! The rigor of a dense and taxing college-level biology class makes high school bio seem elementary. In high school, I learned the simple photosynthesis formula of carbon dioxide+water+sunlight yields glucose+oxygen. I skimmed the huge ocean of biology in high school, but at Lycoming, I dived into the water. 

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Topics: Academics

Expectation vs Reality: Understanding the College Workload

Posted by Jay Patel on Oct 18, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Before starting at Lycoming, my friend insisted that I read my horoscope. I am nowhere near superstitious, but I do love fortune cookies and seeing what I have in store. As an Aries, I was told two things: my future endeavors will drench me in high energy and zest while any stress or anxiety I have will be shrunken to manageable levels. Since there’s a whole study behind horoscopes, I believed that reading my horoscope wasn’t a waste of time and would prove true. I mean scientists and astronomers base horoscopes off astrology, astronomy, and math with expensive technology. There has to be some truth in what readings of the future hold? Right?  

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Topics: Student Life, Freshman Year

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