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Melissa Bilza, current Lyco student tells us more about her internship...

Posted by Melissa Bilza on Jul 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Gone are the days of the intern who runs around the office taking coffee orders, being sure to meticulously remember how many espresso shots were requested, who likes what kind of milk in there latte, and who is weird and drinks decaf. At my internship with a medical device company in Center Valley, PA, I am in on the action -- and I love it. Although I am not as knowledgable as the full-time employees around me, I am still asked for my opinions, ideas, and thoughts. And when corporate offsite events happen, I am invited...and they are usually awesome outings.

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First week on the Job...

Posted by Melissa Bilza on Jul 19, 2017 2:27:01 PM

It’s my second summer returning to my internship and I love it. I am a Public Affairs Intern at a medical device company in Center Valley, PA. I work with the Corporate and Medical Communications Team in projects related to social media, public relations, government affairs, corporate communications, etc. This summer, I elected to work 40-hours a week, Monday through Friday with 9am to 5pm workdays. I love working full-time and enjoying this feeling of consistency and structure. I enjoy the 20-minute commute to work every morning as opposed to having a five minute walk to class to clear my head. I have my own laptop and desk phone in my cubicle, a place that is my own personal space to complete my work. I book all of my meetings on Lotus Notes (similar to Microsoft Outlook), and I regularly go out to lunch with coworkers.

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