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Big Events at Lycoming College

Posted by Stephanie Osczepinski on May 22, 2017 10:49:40 AM
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Exciting things have been happening at Lycoming College recently! EACH (Equality Affinity Community Housing), one of the 3 current affinity housing groups, hosted Peterson Toscano on Feburary 28, who spoke about LGBT people in the Bible. As well, on March 1, the college hosted Laci Green, a popular Youtube vlogger who talks about sex education on her own channel and hosts Braless on MTV’s first Youtube channel. While these two events were very exciting, let’s be honest, most of us are stoked that spring break starts on March 10, and we’re over halfway through the semester!

I am part of EACH at Lycoming College, and we recently hosted Peterson Toscano for a talk at Clarke Chapel. EACH focuses on equality in gender, race, social status, sexuality, religion, and ability, and we have hosted events in the past to advocate several of these concepts. We asked Peterson Toscano, from Sunbury, PA, to speak at the college because he is a gay advocate who is also really interested in religion. I and the rest of the EACH members were fortunate enough to have dinner with him, which was catered by Lycoming College Dining. It was so nice to get to talk to Peterson before his talk. He spoke about LGBT people in the Bible at Clark Chapel, which was pretty well attended. I spotted several friends, as well as a few community members, in the pews, which was awesome. The Affinity Housing groups are relatively new, only formed after Wesley Hall was renovated in 2015, and the event really got EACH’s name out. We are very thankful that Peterson came to speak, and hopefully in the future, our group can have more highly attended events like this one.

The day after Peterson Toscano did his talk at the chapel, Laci Green was on campus! She did a talk called “Taking Down Rape Culture” in the Rec Center, and the floor was pretty packed! Laci is known for her Youtube channel, and she was named one of the 30 most influential people on the internet by Time Magazine in 2016. I was lucky enough to have dinner with her, along with a small group of students, and she is such a cool person. Truthfully, I had not heard of Laci until the college announced that she would be speaking at the school, but she has quite a large number of Youtube subscribers (almost 1,490,000 people have subscribed to her channel), so one could say she’s kinda famous. It was awesome to have the opportunity to get to speak with Laci and then listen to her talk after dinner. Laci Green’s talk was one of the many ways the college helps educate and inform students about sexual harassment.  As well, the counseling center and health center are reliable services that students have access to if any incidents do occur, and the student handbook includes an in-depth policy on sexual misconduct. The school’s many programs help students feel more secure and more informed about events that could happen in and away from college.

The college has been having many fun events recently on campus, and there are more to come. Relay For Life will be held at the Rec Center on April 7, where many student clubs form teams to raise money for cancer all night long, and the annual Lycoming College Music Gala will be held at the Community Arts Center on April 9, with the band, choir, and orchestra all performing. As well, the CAB concert will be held on April 29, with Mike Posner as the headliner. As the semester is halfway over, it also means that seniors, including myself, only have half a semester left before graduation, and luckily all these events will help distract me from thinking about having to leave Lycoming! 

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