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Bringing the World to Lycoming

Posted by Nam Do on Dec 14, 2016 1:57:58 PM

A Tradition of Multiculturalism

For old-timers, November at Lycoming College is more than the month of Thanksgiving. It is also known as "International Month," when the Multicultural Awareness Group (MAG) celebrates the cultural diversity of our community with its special event marathon. By tradition, we always hold the International Expo, International Dance, and International Cooking Night. My all-time favorite has to be the International Expo, which features almost everything cultural - from presentation of facts, pictures and tokens to traditional games, arts and performances - to name but a few.

multi 6.jpg

My fancy for the International Expo probably originates from my very first experience with the event. A rather clueless freshman, I was easily persuaded by some MAG members to come and check it out. The expo threw me off completely. I was certainly no stranger to cultural exchange events, but never before had I seen so many cultures represented at the same time in real life. I think there were at least ten tables, each of which spoke for a culture and its various distinctions. I can still remember the scene of Vietnamese souvenirs laid all over a table, the savory smell of Chinese dishes, the beautiful sound of an English song, and even the sense of touch when I received a Henna tattoo. In a sense, that day marked the beginning of my involvement with MAG.

Indeed, by my second year at Lycoming College, I had become the Vice President of MAG. Unlike the previous year, I partook in the International Expo as an event coordinator. As our community changed, we also got the chance to bring new cultural experiences to our community. Some examples are Nigerian traditional dance, Brazilian food, and Japanese calligraphy.

International Expo '16

This year I attended the event for a third time. I did not come as a visitor, nor did I come as a presenter. I took a further step back to observe everything, and with a camera I got to see all the intimate friendships blossom on this special occasion. It reminded me of why I love cultures, and how lucky I am to be studying here at Lycoming College, with its greatly diverse yet tightly-knitted community. Before I end my story, I would like to give a shout-out to MAG's current executive board and the expo's representatives for the wonderful job they did!

Curious about the 2016 edition of the International Expo? I will let the photos tell its story:

multi 2.jpgMexico

multi 3.jpg


multi 4.jpg


multi 5.jpg 



multi 7.jpg


multi 8.jpg


multi 9.jpg

Diversity is just one reason that makes Lycoming College a great place to study. Find out more by getting in touch with our admissions department!

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