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Career Services: The Real Life-Savers

Posted by Montana Crossman on Dec 13, 2016 2:20:44 PM

One of my greatest regrets about my college career is waiting so long to take advantage of Lycoming College's career advisors. As a freshman, I thought that I had plenty of time before I had to start thinking about my career after college. Just recently as a junior, I started to have a mental breakdown. Questions were flying through my mind at the speed of light, and I had no answers.

Career Advice Lycoming College

I could never remember to it down and contact the counselor for the arts and humanities, but luckily for me she came to archaeology colloquium one day. We set up a meeting in the Center for Enhanced Academic Activities (CEAE), and on that day I came in with a copy of my current resume and no idea what I wanted to do.

Mrs. Porter looked over my resume, making suggestions and writing them down. She then asked what I wanted to do after graduating from Lycoming. I said I knew that I wanted to go to graduate school and possibly gt my PhD. I also knew that I wanted to do an internship, but I had no idea how to go about that.

We immediately started working on an application for the WISE program, Lycoming's own internship placement program. She gave me ideas for my personal statement and also helped me 'brag' about myself a little. We looked at back-up plans for internships and work opportunities as well, in case the WISE program didn't work out for me. We have also been making plans for mock interviews and discussing how to dress and talk.

Since I have been visiting my career counselor, I have felt more confident about my future plans and how I will go about in the work world. For prospective or even current students, I would highly recommend a trip to the CEAE, regardless of your year. They are located locally on the second floor of the AC. There is no time like the present to think about your future!


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