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From Skeptical to Spirited

Posted by Mikayla Feldbauer on Oct 24, 2016 2:30:00 PM
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I’ll admit, I didn’t fall in love with Lycoming College after visiting it for the first time. Sure, the people here were great and the academics seemed awesome but I had had my heart set on a big school in a big city. After a lot of consideration, I eventually decided that Lycoming was the best place for me. I was so right!

Supportive faculty at Lycoming College

My first few weeks at Lycoming have come and gone more quickly than I could have ever imagined. This is largely due to the fact that I love it here! Not only are my professors supportive and passionate about what they do, they truly care about me and my fellow students. I have gone to office hours with more than one of my professors and they genuinely wanted to see me understand the material being discussed. Also, there are so many resources here to help with any subject matter. I’ve gone to the math center multiple times and the tutors there have helped me through some difficult problems from my calculus homework. I went to the writing center for a paper for my first year seminar and I truly believe it helped me improve my essay. All of that is on top of the study groups I’ve been to for Bio 110.

Not only is Lycoming a great place for academics, it’s also a great place for amazing experiences. I’ve only been at Lyco for 7 weeks but I’ve already been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my first year seminar class and Cherry Springs for an overnight camping trip with the Society of Physics Students. On top of those amazing trips, tomorrow I’m going to the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory with SPS. I’ve also enjoyed fun game nights with the Spanish club and had a great time at the meetings for Campus Activities Board. I joined Student Senate as well and am really excited to be a part of an organization that has a role in making real change on campus.  

Going back to the academics, because I really love them, I have to mention the hands on learning that takes place. I’ve already done an experiment with enzymes in biology lab and measured the wavelengths of light emitted by different gasses in astronomy lab. I also regularly attend observing sessions for astronomy/SPS where we look at the moon and various stars (or planets!) through a telescope. In addition to all of the awesome things I get to do for biology and astronomy, I also am able to work with a really interesting computer program for calculus called Mathematica. I’m even getting to do things outside of my major with my first year seminar class like attend gallery openings at the college’s art gallery and visit a local sculpture about little league called Bases Loaded.

Lycoming College offers hands-on learning experience

All in all, my time so far at Lycoming College has been absolutely fantastic. I was terrified about starting college and all the new challenges/responsibilities that college would bring. But, I’ve adjusted well and now I’m enjoying every minute of it.


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