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Halloween Away from Home

Posted by Montana Crossman on Nov 3, 2016 10:08:00 AM

I would like to talk about one of favorite things: Halloween! Growing up, my mom and I were always super-enthusiastic about Halloween. We’re talking wall decorations, baking, lights, pumpkins, the whole shebang. One of the hardest things about leaving my home in Maine to come to school here in Pennsylvania was that I wouldn’t be able to celebrate Halloween with my family. Luckily, my freshmen year here at Lyco, the majority of the girls in my hallway in Asbury were of a likeminded nature about Halloween.

Doors decorated by students for halloween

We decorated as much as we could, without breaking residence hall rules and fire safety codes. Though it wasn’t anything like home, it was a comforting sight to see the cobwebs, fake spiders, and various black, purple and orange objects hanging around our doorways. We all dressed in costumes of course. One of the things you would find surprising (or maybe not so surprising) about college students is that we love to continue to act like small children. We were not able to trick-or-treat, however we did attend a few parties hosted by various clubs or organizations at the school.

The next year, my sophomore year, was an even better Halloween-away-from-home for me. Me and three of my friends had moved into a suite in Wesley as members of the Clear Focus affinity floor. We had cork boards on either side of our suite door, which spurred a competition across the floor to have the best decorated door. As soon as the competition was announced, my roommates and I started to plan and decorate. In the end, it all paid off because we won first place.

We also helped to set-up a Halloween party hosted by Circle K, the school’s community service club that we were members of. I DJed for the event, my friends took photos. It was a really great time and all of us had a lot of fun.

This year we live in one of the college’s off-campus apartments, which meant we had a lot more space to decorate. I unfortunately do not have any photos (luckily, because our apartment is covered with fabric and sewing supplies for our costumes), but I am just as excited. This year we plan to go to a party hosted by Revolution Against Rape on campus. I’m sure we will make just as many good memories as we have made in previous years here at Lyco.


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