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Home for the Holidays

Posted by Montana Crossman on Jan 28, 2017 11:00:00 AM

One of the hardest parts of the school year is ending the fall semester and going home for winter break. By the time finals week comes around, you are thoroughly exhausted from a very busy semester full of exams, presentations, readings, and possibly even working. But by that point, you have also started getting into the rhythm of the school week. The days seem to blur and a pattern of class, dinner, and homework makes itself apparent. And then, before you know it, finals are over and you’re home.

Winter Break at Lycoming College

I usually have a job to come back to over winter break, but the job I had over the summertime was a summer job and not so much a winter one. And I honestly have no idea about what I should do with my time.

By this point, I have been home for only two weeks, but it seems like so much longer than that. I have no internet at home, so I can’t just browse the web listlessly for days on end, even though that idea is very appealing. And while I am glad for the break, which gives me time to rest and catch up on sleep, I’m not use to having this much free time. While at school, I work two jobs, not including writing for the Lycoming College Blog or the Odyssey, and I usually take five or six classes every semester. Needless to say, I am very busy.

But here, at home, I feel as though I’m wasting my time. So much so that I even ordered one of my textbooks early and started reading it. Sort of sad, but that’s how I am making up for not working over break.

Maybe no one else feels like this, or maybe someone sympathizes completely, but to me this is what college is like. The beginning of the semester is like being in the gates at a horse race. The gun fires, and everyone is off. Then, suddenly, you’re at the end of the race and there’s nothing left to do except prepare for the next one.

I’m enjoying my time home, but I can’t wait until I go back to school again, if only to get back into the same rhythm that I am now accustomed to.

My only suggestions for those who feel the same way is to try to relax. I know this is difficult, but honestly that’s the only thing I can really suggest. Read the books you wanted to read during the semester, but never had the chance to actually read. Watch a few movies with the family, or even play some games. I like hanging out with my family when I’m home, because for two-thirds of the year I can’t visit with them.

While I’m home I’m going to try to read Ron Chernow’s Hamilton biography, the one that inspired the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. And I’ve also decided to put more effort into my writing, both creatively and professionally. My sincerest hope is that everyone is enjoying their break, because we’ll be back at the gates in January.

Lycoming College is so unique because I am not alone - many students would rather be at school than home for break. Come spend a day on campus, and you will see for yourself why Lycoming is so special.Plan Your Visit

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