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I am Working, I am Lycoming

Posted by Briana Burley-Inners on Dec 28, 2016 3:44:12 PM
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Lycoming College is a private school, and as we all know, private schools aren't cheap. The stereotype for many students who attend private school is that "mommy and daddy are paying," or that they have a full ride on scholarships. At least where I am from, many think this way.

As for myself and many of my friends at Lycoming, mommy and daddy aren't paying for anything. I personally have at least $300 a month in bills that I need to pay, not including what I owe for my tuition that is not covered by loans, scholarships, and grants. I got lucky enough to have a job that pays above the Pennsylvania minimum wage, but it is still only part-time. College already feels like you're swimming in the deep end of a pool. Add a job and a heavy load of bills to the list, and you're pretty much in the deep end underneath a pummeling waterfall.

Staying organized in college helps manage the workload

My schedule during tech week for theatre. If it isn't tech rehearsals for theatre, it's work shifts. A girl can't always catch a break

I am essentially the mom of my friends. Your Friday night might consist of a party or going to an event; my Friday night consists of either work or staying in with family and doing homework. Your Saturday mornings might begin with a hangover just to end the night leading into the next hangover. My Saturdays start at 5am getting ready for work and last until 2:30pm, when I catch up on sleep to prepare for Sunday morning.  There are times I'd rather be trying to have the college experience of a lifetime just like Van Wilder, but not all of us can get that experience every weekend.

Between trying to pay the bills and keep my car running, and having enough time to do all of my assignments, study, work on practicum as a theatre minor, set time for studio hours as an art major, and still trying to set aside time for myself and the important things I need to do to keep myself alive and sane is a headache all in itself. As I said before, organization is key in college. I usually try to bring order to what can only be known as the chaos that is my life. It is hard to be a full-time student with a part-time job, bills, and a demanding major and minor, but I wouldn't really change it. I am following through with studying the career path I love. I love my job even if it is just being a dietary aide in the kitchen of a nursing home. And I love my job. I am working. I am Lycoming.

Through the challenges, Lycoming College is preparing me for life after school. If you are someone who enjoys the opportunity to grow through a challenge, Lycoming may be the right school for you.  Pay us a visit and find out!

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