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Lyco's Mini-THON

Posted by Ali Preston on Nov 30, 2016 12:00:00 PM
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Penn State created the Dance Marathon better known as THON® in 1973. Today, the THON lasts 46 hours and engages 15,000 students every year. There are also multiple Mini-THON®’s that happen in other colleges. Lycoming College is proudly one of those colleges.

November 11th of this year was the Lycoming second annual Mini-THON®. If anyone keeps up with the Lycoming Snap Chat, you were probably spammed with pictures and videos from throughout the event.

Lycoming College Mini-THON

The event was put on by the Lycoming Circle K, a community service club run by students and affiliated with the larger Williamsport Kiwanis club and TKE, a fraternity on campus. The goal is to assist Four Diamonds, an organization that aids families that have children fighting with cancer.

Four Diamonds was founded by Charles and Irma Millard in honor of their son Christopher who was diagnosed with cancer when he was eleven years old. Christopher sadly lost his battle with cancer, but his parents wanted his story and name to live on. Four Diamonds takes care of 100% of the hospital bills related to cancer care not covered by insurance for families.

Performers at Lycoming College's Mini-THON

Last year was the first year Lycoming had hosted a Mini-THON®. There were performances by local musicians and a constant stream of people to play games and donate to a wonderful cause. Altogether, around $2,200 was raised for Four Diamonds last year.

This year, was filled with some of the same. The Lycoming Quartet, Tyler Spooner, and Robert Hoffman all returned to perform live music. There were also new additions like Lyco Taiko giving Taiko lessons, and returning Lyco’s Got Talent Members Camisha Taylor and Giselle Guevara performed their acts. Lyco Entertainment provided the general music, getting everyone on their feet.

Taiko Lessons at Lycoming

At the end of the night was the popular Glow Hour where glow sticks and foam light up Four Diamond sticks were passed out and all of the lights were turned off. In a blur of glowing color, popular songs like the Cupid Shuffle and Cotton Eyed Joe had long lines of people dancing together.

Glow Hour at Lycoming College's Mini-THON

Just before everyone went home, tired but happy, the final tally of donations from the beginning of the year was revealed. Altogether, $2,145.94 dollars were raised, far past the goal of $1,500. However, that’s not the end. There are more fundraising events to hold and donations to receive.

At the end of the year, another, smaller event might be held to reveal the final amount. There’s no doubt that last year’s goal will be surpassed for a new goal next year.

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