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My Freshman Music Seminar

Posted by Amanda Goulden on Dec 12, 2016 1:19:35 PM

As a freshman, one class that you are required to take is a First Year Seminar (FYS). There are many different seminars that all focus on different topics. The choices include history, math, the sciences, music (what I am in), and many more.

The FYS is designed to teach you about your topic, but it also teaches you about study strategies that will help you throughout college. The topics are not necessarily directly involved with a major, so they help students to broaden their horizons.

Music Seminar for Freshmen

I am in the first year seminar called Music, Learning, and Creativity. This class is taught by Dr. Jackson, who conducts various choirs at Lycoming and teaches other music classes. This is one of my favorite classes for a couple of reasons. First, we get to learn all about really interesting c of education. I took a class called Intro to Education in high school and I loved learning about different types of education and how different teaching styles affect students. I was so excited to find that in my FYS I would get to explore topics like this in more depth. Dr. Jackson provides a lot of interesting articles that lead to another great aspect of the class: discussions.

Everyone in our FYS lives on the same floor, so we all know each other and get along well. Wesley Hall is organized by interest groups called affinities, and freshmen are organized by their seminar. My floor, for example, is full of people who are in the math and music seminars. The comradery of our classmates allows for fluid and in-depth discussions. We talk about really interesting topics like, "Does creativity exist?" and "Are standardized tests fair?" These topics, mixed with the class environment, lead to complex and intriguing discussions.

Freshmen bonding

Freshmen bonding during 1st weekend activities

The thing I like most about my FYS is that we get to make music in class. After learning about education and creativity we get to learn about music. We started by learning the basics and slowly moved up from there. We got to go to the piano lab and play different songs and melodies. Then, we got our own ukuleles to learn in class and play on our own. Most of the class had never played the ukulele before, and we all enjoyed learning together.

Even if the FYS you choose isn't directly related to your major, you will learn many new skills and have a lot of fun. As a Liberal Arts school, Lycoming College exposes you to many subject areas. A lot of students discover their passions as a result! Click below to learn about all the different programs Lycoming offers.

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