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Picking the Professor

Posted by Briana Burley-Inners on May 10, 2017 10:27:00 AM
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The art department here at Lycoming is currently interviewing for a new Photography professor to fill the full-time position. Lycoming values the opinions of the students and has allowed students majoring in art to join the interview process with the three candidates over breakfast or lunch to talk with them about the position and determine who will receive it

When attending a school, or choosing a school to attend in the future, you never really think about the idea that you can help pick the staff or even have a say in the teachers. The art department cares about the students’ learning environment enough to welcome the opinion of the students to find a professor that they will enjoy as well as teach them new techniques and methods of photography. Photography is a complicated art form to learn, but once you figure out the laboring process, it feels like second nature. However, students need a great professor to teach them the necessities about great composition, lighting, and how to manually adjust for specific effects to get the outcome they desire in the dark room. Without a strong foundation, your final product will crumble.

A professor in the photography department should teach their students the absolute basics of a camera and what everything does with the best understanding of how it all works. Understanding exactly what happens when the shutter button is clicked to capture the photo is essential and so having a professor who only gets the jist of that process and treats it nonchalantly is most likely not going to be a solid professor. Being almost through my photography class with Professor Burke, I can honestly say I have an adequate understanding of everything that goes on in my camera and what changes when I make any type of adjustment. A great negative is the key to a phenomenal print.

As a student, I trust my professor to teach me all that I need to know in the subject I am studying. Art and photography is by far no exception.

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