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Senior Bucket List

Posted by Stephanie Osczepinski on Mar 6, 2017 3:19:19 PM
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Since I am graduating in May, I recently made a bucket list for myself. Although I have spent four years at Lycoming College, I have not been able to check out a few of the local popular places. I hope to change that this semester though! Here are some places I think everyone should try to visit before they graduate:

  1.   Reptiland

Only a 15 minute drive from Lycoming College, Reptiland is a small museum in Allenwood, PA on Route 15. They have a variety of reptiles and amphibians, as well as a tent for parakeets. I haven’t been able to drive to the museum yet, but I’ve heard many great things about it.

  1. Bullfrog Brewery

The coolest thing about the Bullfrog, in my opinion, is that they brew some of their beer on site! They have a huge brewer in the front of the restaurant, which makes it pretty unique. The Bullfrog is great for dinner for those underage (I recommend the fish and chips, or their huge burgers), and even students over 21 rave about the homemade root beer. It’s right across from the Community Arts Center, so you can easily see a show and get dinner afterwards.

  1.  Long Island Pizza

When I walk into this pizzeria located a block away from the Bullfrog, I’m always greeted by all the staff. This is definitely a hidden treasure of Williamsport, but once found, you will keep coming back.  My parents claim this place has the best pizza ever. I’m not a big pizza fan, but I will never turn down getting pizza with my parents from Long Island Pizza.

  1.    Brickyard.

Located in downtown Williamsport, the Brickyard is a popular lunch place, especially on the weekends, and many Lyco students (21+) are members of their Mug Club. It is an easy walk from campus, and the string lights they hang over the alley in Pine Square offer a great opportunity for aesthetically-pleasing pictures.

  1.   Community Arts Center

This theater has a lot of history, and any seat has a great view of the stage. Lycoming College sometimes offers free tickets to students for some of the shows held here. I got to see Mythbusters with my mom one year for Christmas, and I got free tickets from the school to see a ballet group, a tap group, and a comedian! The Williamsport Symphony also performs here, as well as the Lycoming College Band, Choir, and Orchestra on special occasions.  

The Bullfrog Brewery, Long Island Pizza, the Brickyard, and the Community Arts Center are all within walking distance from campus, which is really convenient for when students want to get out of their dorms for a few hours. The city of Williamsport also offers transportation to Lycoming College students for free through River Valley Transit, and students often use the buses to shop at the Golden Strip or the Lycoming Mall. There are so many fun things to do around campus, and even after 4 years at Lycoming, I have not done them all yet. But hopefully I will soon!

Get to know Williamsport for yourself by scheduling a visit to Lycoming College!


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