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Senior Year Beginnings: A Reflection

Posted by Stephanie Osczepinski on Oct 21, 2016 3:15:00 PM
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As of October 21, 2016, there are only 203 days until the Lycoming College’s Class of 2017 walks through the exclusive gates that are only opened once a year on graduation. When people say that college happens in a blink of an eye, it really might be true. It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in my dorm in Asbury Hall, playing Harry Potter Uno with my floor-mates, back in 2013. And yet, here I am today, sitting in my single in Wesley Hall as one of the oldest members of the EACH Affinity Housing floor. 

When I arrived on campus for the start of this fall semester, a tear formed in my eye as I realized that it would be my last move-in day at Lycoming College. Although I was ready to leave my home, I wasn’t ready to head back to college for the final time. While there will be many lasts during my senior year, there will also be many firsts. For example, I will be attending my first graduate fair at Lycoming College next week, hoping to figure out if taking a gap year is the right thing before heading to graduate school. As well, I will be planning on taking the GRE for the first time, going to a career adviser, and planning my last semester of my undergraduate for the first and only time. Some of the lasts that will happen over the school year will include seeing my last student-run theater performance as a college student, playing in a Lycoming Band concert at the Community Arts Center for the last time (luckily we get to play at the CAC twice this year though!), and living nearby all my friends in such a close proximity for probably the last time.

Musical Performance at Lycoming College

The start of the fall semester had me a little teary-eyed, but I’ve come to accept it. I can’t stop time; I can only enjoy it. I started the year off in a new dorm (which has a kitchen and lounge in each wing on the upper two floors) as a member of the EACH floor, and I have been loving where I am. The classes I am taking are interesting as well, and as a psychology major, I am taking Social Psychology and Adolescent Psychology to help understand the psychology field better. I am also taking a class about Shakespearean plays for fun as an elective because I have always loved reading Shakespeare. Because all my graduation requirements will be complete this semester, I am so excited to take my last four courses as electives, hopefully including the famous Death and Dying religion course. However, I also dread having to think about how it will be the last time I will be planning my course schedule. As the calendar counts down to graduation day, I hope to enjoy every last moment of college life and have many firsts on top of the many lasts.

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