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My SOS Leadership Experience

Posted by Julia Suchanek on Nov 16, 2016 9:00:00 AM

As the emails from Dean Kilpatrick have been flooding in about applying to be a Student Orientation Staff (SOS) member, I can't help but be excited for those considering the position. Applying to be a SOS member for the summer of 2016 was a great decision and led to some of my favorite memories from Lycoming so far. Through SOS, I have learned many new leadership skills, gained lifelong friends, and was able to meet mostly everyone in the class of 2020!

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Topics: Admissions, Freshman Year

Looking Back on Freshman Year at Lycoming

Posted by Nam Do on Nov 9, 2016 11:05:34 AM

There are many things that happen only once in a lifetime, freshman year being one of the many such occasions. This one year, in all likelihood, gives every green student a few good slaps in the face. Having gone through and reflected upon the experience, as well as been once an RA in the freshman area, I would like to share some "lessons" that I find most relevant. Now brace yourself!

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Expectation vs Reality: Understanding the College Workload

Posted by Jay Patel on Oct 18, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Before starting at Lycoming, my friend insisted that I read my horoscope. I am nowhere near superstitious, but I do love fortune cookies and seeing what I have in store. As an Aries, I was told two things: my future endeavors will drench me in high energy and zest while any stress or anxiety I have will be shrunken to manageable levels. Since there’s a whole study behind horoscopes, I believed that reading my horoscope wasn’t a waste of time and would prove true. I mean scientists and astronomers base horoscopes off astrology, astronomy, and math with expensive technology. There has to be some truth in what readings of the future hold? Right?  

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A Busy Start to Freshman Year

Posted by Amanda Goulden on Oct 17, 2016 12:27:12 PM

My name is Amanda Goulden and I am a Freshman at Lycoming.  I have only been at school for a short time and I have already done so many amazing things.

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Topics: Freshman Year, Athletics

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